Thursday, March 5, 2009

Features and Benefits PPR pipe Wavin Tigris Green

Feature and benefits;
~ Complete plastic system
Jointed by fusion welding, ensuring a homogeneous, all plastic system
~ Suitable for carrying drinking water
In full compliance with the international standards for the use of plastic material for carrying drinking water.
~ Resistant to corrosion and abrasion
Allowing high flow speeds of the transported liquids, up to 5 m/s
~ High Chemical resistance
Even at high temperature, Resistance in aggressive environment e.g in agriculture application.
~ Poor conductor of heat
Condensation and heat dispersion of the transported fluids are considerably reduced.
~ Low noise system
The material' s elasticity and high insulation capacity mean a considerable noise reduction in the installation, even in case of water hammering
~ Easy to handle, easy to install
The low weight of system makes it ideal not only for traditional installations, but also for modular installations and prefab walls
~ High long term reliability
~ Smooth internal surface
Limestone or other deposits cannot form and head loss in reduced to a minimum.
~ Usable in seismic areas
Because of the flexibility and elasticity of the PPR pipes and the homogeneous connections.

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Description PPR Pipe Wavin Tigris Green

Detailed PPR Pipe Wavin Tigris Green Description

1. Water supply polypropylene Random (PPR) pipe for contruction is environmentally and saving energy pipe with the international advand level.
2. PPR Pipe Wavin Tigris Green can reduce the carrying cost and contruction strength.
3. Fine anti - heat performance; when the working water temperature 60'c,when it is used for
short term, it can be used for long time, the temperature reaches 95'c.
4. Long service life; under the normal environtment temperature, and working presure of PPR
pipe is 12,7 bar. the service life is longer than other pipes made of diferent material, the
reason is that it has the anti - heat peerformance ( the service life is 50 years at the 60'c).
5. Good anti - corrosion property; the ion in the water and chemikal matter in the building
cannot be caused the extra chemikal reaction, erode, it cannot rust, and bring the bacillus.
6. Firm pipe fitting connection; because polypropylene random has fine thermal casting
performance, thermal casting between the pipe ang pipe fitting with the same material as a
integration, it can prevent water from leaking.
7. Complete mating; the mating of PPR pipe system is complete, so it can meet the project
mating requirement of water suply pipe in the room and community.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pipe PPR Wavin Tigris Green

PPR Pipe Wavin Tigris Green made by Polypropylene Random Type 3 is a complete plumbing sistem for hot water and cold water.For jointing we use heat fusion sistem by welding machine.With this sistem, the result of jointing wiil be strong and free maintenance.This Produk has a very strong until 50 years.